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Keep It Simple Stupid

About Us

ProIT embryo was born around 1995. A group of technology students are getting together and brainstorming about many aspect especially information technology and telecommunication. They share same vision and interest, how to provide good solution in order to help and leverage others problem. The group provided solution and integration in some project they worked on.

In 2000, the group is evolving into PT. Bale Cipta Solusi (BCS). The main investor was Director of Ministry of Public Work. The same vision and approach was applied in many project. It is how to help other with good solution. One our achievement in design and solution was Toll card, which was already presented to Ministry of Public Work at 2002. Although it was not really accepted because of way to advance, in 2010 finally the concept that we already proposed 8 years before was implemented.

Further evolution into PT. ProIT is occurred in 2011 when we are adding KISS principle in our solution. We are trying as much as possible to keep our solution simple. This principle will leverage our solution into better solution for our customer.

Corporate Identity

PRO IT uniquely Symbols represent a commitment, professionalism in work, humility in serving customers, and encourage sustainable growth of the company. We area group of professionals with expertise in Informatics, Telecoms and Web Designing services. We will continue to build partnerships with our customers, through knowledge, in genuity and commitment of our people as well as through the products and services we offer. Our approach is \”KISS\”, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Our Solutions


ProIntegra is integration service for Informatics and Telecoms area. If you need connectivity such IP/TDM/E1/MPLS, we can provide the solution. Your business will get full benefit from our expertise of planning, design and engineering including implementation of solutions.


Cloud computing is a one of hot topic in informatics and telecoms business. Cost and quick implementation or new service is the key point of cloud solution. ProCloud is our answer for your business requirement to deploy data center or new service in affordable cost and rapid deployment.


We are developing solution base on Android, which embrace social networking and information sharing, because we believe community drives content. ProMobile is mobile solution for the mass. Our solution is very suitable to drive revenue for mobile operator.


Web designing is one our major service with experience web designer. We utilize recent technology such ajax,social integration, SEO and mobile device compatibility. ProDesign will leverage your exposure in online media.

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